Special Tip

Upon receiving the list, examine the list for the price range, area etc. of your interest by matching each address with your Ft. Worth or Dallas area MAPSCO and then go viewing the properties without delay.

Request to show you any address within your qualified price range and any question pertaining to those addresses. We are buyers broker experienced and professionally trained to complete any purchase. This refers to all addresses, listed by other brokers, real estate firms, all new build locations, FSBO etc.

Send all forms to AA Affordable Realty

Information accuracy reproduced as received.

Please Read This Notice

Always first, before looking at the addresses, please always read all notices and written information each time received because each message has changed. Save money being an informed buyer. AA Affordable Realty achieves this for you if you take the time to digest all information given you by affordable realty and please phone with questions and a real necessity, ask for an appointment at least every week!

You run the risk of both money and wasted time being spent by not following instructions.

Computers are programmed to constantly search including all newspapers, all real estate offices in the 15 counties, all builders on new builds, tax offices, all government offices and all banks that has properties for sale for the features you will furnish Affordable Realty. Computers notifies us immediately by page and e mail that property is available with your stated desired features matched with your financial capabilities from the pre-mortgage form. Stop burning rent money and giving away income tax deductions from your wages by not having a home that will save most if not all those deductions. Investing in a home is the best saving plan a smart and wise person can do for him or her self. Find out how a no down payment home will get you in that dream home sooner that you imagine. We help 15 to 25 accomplish this every month. Don't be a Johnnie come lately, act today to give yourself a well deserved raise by saving your money from rent & tax wage deductions.

AA Affordable Realty is totally committed as a buyer's broker in closing the contract for your next home, furnish without delay all information of your needs and questions so we may help you before another interest increase and to program our five (5) computers that search four times a day for all new entries posted available of all types of addresses in the county and surrounding counties, that alerts the features of that interested buyer stated needs entered in the computer system available of all types of addresses in the county and surrounding counties that alerts by paging us your needs has been found from any of the following: all government owned homes daily for sale, all classified newspapers, all Real Estate Offices listings currently for sale, all Builder homes, all for sale by owner and or investor. These sources includes all and everything with your stated features and your qualification.

Financial information indicates the interest rate on home mortgages are on a course to be raised periodically in the future. Since only a few months ago the increase in interest has caused the average monthly payment to go up average $67.00 Per month or $24,720 on the 30 year length loan on the very same house from the last interest increase. Waiting cost you not only losing money put in renting, but less tax deduction lost and a higher monthly payment in waiting. Think about it & wonder why you are losing money each month not owning your home or another additional home! AA Affordable Realty sells all real estate as a Buyer Broker dedicated to your interests in saving you money. For buyers with complicated credit problems that may require several years to resolve, there is no need to wait as investors will buy the house you like for you and you pay for it by a lease option to buy where a portion of your monthly payments are held in reserve for the down payment when you excise your option. Usually average credit problems are easily resolved by AA Affordable Realty.

Information accuracy reproduced as received.