Broker-Realtor very experienced including The Following Counties:

Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, Collin, Ellis and Johnson

AA Affordable Realty is available to pre qualify, by request, for custom financing to a clients specific needs.

Eugene Havran, Owner-Broker has earned from the National Board of Realtors Associaton for exceeding over 40 continuous years for all phases of Real Estate, the status: “REALTOR EMERITUS”

This firm is experienced and provides: (1) consultation (including a free session), (2) Any & all of Texas Personal Property Tax Reduction for any raised taxes posted by any County Tax District, receive a free quote & any following year will receive a free property tax checking, (3) R.E. life insurance coverage.

Please phone or e-mail for appointments, questions and showing of addresses to qualified purchasers. The firm gives a free quout & the following five years you may receive free property quotes. The firm will work for your interests and is dedicated 100%. Contact the firm for all the cities and sections of cities you are interested. Describe the various type of features you would be interested by completing the question form that is above the Current Vacant Homes. Many of the home addresses are vacant for purchase with new financing to meet a clients needs. Many homes are owner financed. Affordable Realty will assist in the purchase by any qualified buyer for any home listed by: (1) any broker, (2) all builders, (3) all firms or (4) any individual. We provide the best terms with savings as a buyer's broker to all qualified clients, including by owner financing with desirable rates and no qualifying.

Resident leasing has a limited available rentals. We lease properties, collect the rent and deposit to the owner. Property management of any property is an additional fee added to the written lease.

Refurbishing only by contract, any type of homes including, large or small available. Free quotation with savings worth inquirey for a quote.

Real Estate consulting service is separate priced from any buy, sell, or rental.

A consulting first session is Free regardless if buying or selling represented by another Broker, Agent or individual.

The firm is experienced in reducing property taxes for any Texas addresses. Free Quote for the fee that averages lower than the present taxes that will be lowered resulting in reduced saved taxes what the tax district has posted. A Free yearly adjustment is available after the first reduction.

Information accuracy reproduced as received.